December/January Exhibition ~ The Gallery, Parkway, Ludlow ❄️ 2022/23

So delighted to be December’s local artist of the month at Diana Marten’s beautiful gallery in Parkway, Ludlow. She has a wide mix of interesting and exciting work by new and old artists. I’ve also made some cards and fine art prints to go with it – slightly different images to those in Ludlow Castle’s gallery. Do have a look!

The painting shown, by the way, is one I’ve reworked. I kept feeling she deserved more gold and silver work and a slight change! So here she is updated. I hope you like.

Tam 🧜‍♂️

*Please contact the Gallery if you’re making a special visit, just in case. T 07752061006

Opening times are 10ish to 3ish Wednesday to Saturday.

3 Parkway, Ludlow – very close to the Library.

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