Artist Statement

With my paintings, I hope to share something of the feeling I occasionally encounter now and more often felt as a child: A feeling when walking in the woods or just waking from a dream and imagining that I have perhaps just caught a glimpse of the moon noticing the crows, jostling for a place in a tree – or from the joy and magic I found in illustrations from picture books as a child – and still do today.

Artist Biography

Inspired by myth, enchantment and the natural world, Tamsin Mary Bridge divides her studio time between watercolour work with a cerebral feel and work that is more concept led, though with similar themes, for other projects.

Tamsin Mary Bridge grew up on the Welsh borders. She studied foundation art at Shrewsbury College of Art, Countryside Conservation at Aberystwyth University and was awarded an MA in Fine Art with distinction from Hereford College of Arts in 2019. Exhibitions have included many mixed and solo shows at the former Silk Top Hat Gallery in Ludlow, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, the Museum of Modern Art Wales, Machynlleth and the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre.

Tamsin curated exhibitions for Cornwall Council at the former Old Dairy Gallery, Penzance and the former Feathers Gallery in Ludlow, choosing themes such as Forest and Fairy tale and The Tree of Life. She set up and ran the Gallery Studio in Ludlow Castle from 2006 to 2008 and now works from her home studio in Ludlow.

Tamsin Bridge’s brilliantly coloured watercolours depict imaginative subjects entwined in sinuous tracery and frequently overlaid with gold leaf. Jill Howorth – owner of the former Silk Top Hat Gallery, Ludlow UK.

Sun Sprite