Green woman’s journey

🍀 This lady is on voyage to be re-united with a Green Man painted a few years ago and now living in Western Australia. I didn’t realise he was there and was so thrilled when a lady contacted me to tell me and to ask for this one to be a companion for him. .

The original of this painting has another story. She hung in an exhibition in the art centre in Aberystwyth University in Wales, probably about 2003 or 4. Very sadly she was taken. I was hurt at the time but I decided to be flattered by this theft instead. Someone wanted her and so I imagine they care for her. I’ve always wondered where she is now and does she have a good home though. Somehow re-doing her as an archival print and painting over her with a little gold detail keeps bringing her back to life for me. Just what any green lady should be doing 😊💚 If you’ve read this far, have a lovely day all the green ladies, and men out there … . 🌿

Green Woman

Fine art print on archival paper.

Mounted 20x20cm .


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