Heart giveaway

Fine art print with embellishments

🌿Giveaway on facebook at www.facebookcom/tamsinbridge.artshop

Hello – I know art isn’t an essential, but just to let you know I am still making and painting and happy to take orders and commissions. Mnemosyne’s Dream is a small concern, but I am keen to keep afloat. I have taken a temporary job helping to restock shelves in tesco two nights a week during the crisis and the rest of the time I will be holed up in my little studio. 🌸I love my work and I love being asked to do things for people so if there is something you’d like just drop me a line and I can send or reserve things. And thank you so much to the people who’ve supported me.
SO if you’ve managed to read this far – I am doing a giveaway! If you’d like this little heart for you or someone else, just like with a comment and I will announce a winner at random next week. *I can send or reserve depending on preference.

In the mean time please take care of yourselves and each other and don’t be too polite to remind yourself and others to keep to the 2 metre distancing rule if you do have to go out for essentials etc. Sometimes I find it hard to say stuff because I don’t want to be rude or hurt someone’s feelings – I felt uncomfortable reminding someone yesterday, but this is ridiculous and we HAVE to. Love Tamsin 🦋 xxx

#heart #love #giveaway

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