Hafod – Peacocks in Paradise

Hafod Estate in Wales.
This is part of the Ladies Walk at Hafod. Well worth looking up this enchanting place if you like walking.
There is a wonderful book called ‘Peacocks in Paradise’ relating the history and relationship Hafod has with Croft Castle in Shropshire.

Magical poem by Mikai ~ a recent commission

‘The natural world you hold in your hands
will speak things that are hidden
and unfold dreams
into your minds eye’
Words by Mikai.

A recent commission in watercolour and gold.


Mikai is 10 and wrote this short poem last year.
His grandma commissioned this piece for her daughter, Mikai’s mum.
I loved working on this one very much.
It seemed to unfurl by itself and naturally with suggestion from Mikai’s words.


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🌿 Wren ~ a new watercolour

Wren and Ladybirds

Watercolour and 24 carat gold leaf. Available unframed. Update SOLD

I’ve been thinking about doing a Wren since a bird watching friend mentioned that this little bird might be a good subject for a painting. I have to let an idea sit for a while and then sometimes it decides for itself that it’s time to appear.

The tiny Wren is the most common bird in the UK – something I hadn’t known until exploring further for this painting. He is kept company by Ladybirds and ivy, which they often nest behind.

Hope you like him!



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Owl Moon ~Original painting

Owl Moon
Watercolour and 24 carat gold leaf
Painting 14.5 x 14.5 cm
Paper 18 x 18 cm
Update: SOLD


Hello, here is my latest watercolour for an ongoing series of animal fantasy paintings. I hope you like him! There are some cards and fine art prints also available.
Tamsin x

If you would like more details ~
Card also available:


Bluebell Wood

Bluebell Wood
Card – 15x15cm https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/975148501/card-bluebell-wood-lovely-handmade-card
Bluebell Wood
Fine art print on archival paper https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/968666210/bluebell-wood-fine-art-print-hand

This bluebell wood was painted a few years ago and now belongs in a private collection. I was looking through Spring images recently and was really pleased with these first printing results for this image. I hope you like them too!

If you would like more details I have added the links below each image. 

Tamsin x